Chemical Recovery

CR stands for Chemical Recovery. CR is a small group of men and women who are dedicated to the specific focus of helping themselves and/or others with overcoming addictions to drugs and alcohol. We have both a women’s and men’s group. We meet every Saturday at 8 am in the church building, Ste. 170. This is an open group, meaning that any and all can come to the group without any prior notice. All that is necessary is a willingness to follow the group rules, mainly our rule on confidentiality, which state that all things which are said in our group, including, but not limited to, who is/is not in attendance, are not to be discussed outside the group.

The leaders of the CR group strive to develop a group that is a safe and supportive place for those with these struggles. If you have further questions, you can call Neal David, the men’s leader, at 770-842-8852 or Michele Smith, the women’s leader, at 858-382-2932.