Instagram is a best Photosharing app for the iPhone or Android. It’s a quick, creative way to share photos with your smartphone. In case you have an Instagram account, you might also login with your notebook at and see pictures there. Now Instagram pc download available here. Check out this listing of the top 10 skateboarders to follow on Instagram:

1. Tony Hawk

Tony posts a lot of interesting photos.

Lately, he uploaded a photograph of him Olling over a bright yellow Lexus.

There is also an older photo of him upside down in the loop of death, pictures of his backyard skatepark, tour photographs with the birdhouse group, and some other cool photos.

His username is: tonyhawk

2. Rob Dyrdek

Rob Dyrdek is a serial entrepreneur and skateboarder.

Some of his photographs include a photo of him walking with the throw of Jersey Shore, a photograph of him at a car upside down while performing the ‘kickflip’ stunt with Chevy, a photograph of $700 worth of lottery tickets once Rob attempted to win the $356 Million lotteries, etc..

His username is: officialrobdyrdek

3. Paul Rodriguez Jr.

P-Rod is just another cool dude to follow.

Paul posts lots of photographs of him and his teammates & friends skating his skatepark, photographs of him on the set of a Nike SB commercial, an ill photo of him with a frontside flip over a 10 stair, photographs of his little girl, photographs of him on tour, traveling with friends, etc..

His username is prod84.

4. Steve Berra

Steve Berra is the co-owner of The Berrics, along with Eric Koston.

He is just finishing up a 366-day battle where he takes a picture of his face daily. Let us see what happens then. You have got to give this guy props for his devotion. Most people would have stopped after a few weeks.

Let us see what happens next…

His username is: steveberra

5. Jamie Thomas

Jamie Thomas, owner of Black Box Dist.

What you could expect from Jamie is a whole lot of skate photos, which is always great, and plenty of photographs of him and his friends living the exciting lives of professional skateboarders.

This dude has some of the greatest photos ever!

His username is: jamiethomas

6. Torey Pudwill

Torey Pudwill, owner of Grizzly Griptape.

Apart from posting photos of this #grizzlygang and business development, he also has a lot of skate photos, such as a cool shot with him & Shane O’neill skating doubles at a miniramp.

Now that Street League is back, he can expect photos of this too.

His usename is: toreypudwill1

7. Ryan Sheckler

Ryan Sheckler is a pro skater, riding for Plan B Skateboards.

This dude posts pictures of him living the skateboarding life, traveling, meeting celebrities like Mike Epps and Floyd Mayweather, photographs with beautiful girls, his personal skatepark, and a boatload of other cool pics.

His username is: shecks

8. Brandon Biebel

Brandon Biebel is your dude.

He’s got a whole collection of photographs of him and teammates on tour, a photograph of a One Hundred Trillion dollar bill, cool photographs of Hong Kong, shots of him and friends skating their personal skatepark, photographs with the Girl & Chocolate group whilst filming for the #prettysweet movie, and other dope skatelife pics.

His username is: bbiebel

9. Shane O’neill

Shane is a excellent skater with a very smooth style of skating.

He places cool photographs of him traveling, skating P-Rod’s skatepark, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, Crailtaps skatepark, the Berrics, and a whole lot of other skateparks.

Shane is also likely to be skating Street League, so expect pictures of this.

His username is: shanejoneill

10. Daewon Song

Daewon Song is a very talented skateboarder.

You can tell he is a creative guy by the photographs he takes, and of course by his skating. There is a shot of him as a ninja skater, a sick judo atmosphere for a DVS ad, switch heel over a gap at the junkyard, and other cool skate photos.

His username is daewon1song.

What Is So Wonderful About Instagram?
The world is changing and so is skateboarding.

These days it is possible to follow your favorite skateboarders on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and so on, and get an exclusive look into their lives …the skatelife.

This is beneficial for you because you can learn a lot about somebody from the images they post. By way of instance, from what I have seen up to now from expert skaters on Instagram, these men take care of themselves, as any professional athlete needs to, and men like Rick McCrank, Mark Appleyard, and many others opted to eat healthily.

You can learn far more about expert skaters by following them online. Take advantage of this opportunity you have so that you can get inside the mind of a pro skater, and become one too!

Chico Brenes

Chico is sponsored by Chocolate Skateboards.

This man also posts a good deal of cool skate photos. He has pictures of him on tour with the chocolate group, photographs with LRG team riders, family photographs, and other photos that provide you a fantastic idea what it is like being a professional skater.

His username is: chicobrenes

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