La Paz, Bolivia & The Arco Iris Foundation

The Arco Iris Foundation and HOPE Worldwide:

Foundation Arco Iris (FAI) is a non-profit organization that was established in La Paz, Bolivia twenty years ago. FAI has two divisions –the social programs and the hospital. The FAI social programs provide housing, food, clothing, schooling and social services for over 300 orphans and helps care for the estimated 30,000 children who live or work in the streets of La Paz. Hospital Arco Iris (HAI) is a 100-bed multi-specialty hospital that was built in Mira Flores to help serve those in the social programs as well as the people of Bolivia (including the children who live in the prisons with their parents, the children of impoverished families, and those living in rural underserved areas). At HAI 60% of the care is for children less than 18 years of age and 90% of the care is for the poor. Each year HAI provides over 180,000 consultations (over 74,000 of those consultations are free) and approximately 7,500 hospitalizations. Our

We have partnered with Hope Worldwide and the La Paz Church of Christ in La Paz, Bolivia to bring the message of Christ and serve the orphans and poor and needy in that area.

Our involvement and commitment to the team in La Paz is to provide for the needs of the orphans. Christmas 2012, each child received flip flops, lip balm, coloring books/crayons, and letters of encouragement written in Spanish from the children in our ministry. There are ongoing fundraising efforts throughout the year and we are excited about a mission trip in 2013 where members of our fellowship will have the opportunity to go and serve in the ministries in La Paz.

Dr. Kevin Broyles is leading the La Paz, Bolivia HOPE Worldwide team.