Adoption Fund

At the Northview Church, we love kids.  If you are interested in adoption and need financial assistance, please let us know.


Contact Angelica Yim if you would like to apply for adoption assistance or 678-462-4292


  1. Text “Give” to (678) 883-7187, follow the prompts and choose “Adoption Fund”
  2. Write a check to Northview Church and designate ADOPTION FUND in the memo



Garnie and his wife, Rene have been helping others know the riches of adoption for over a long, long time. These are joys they share as adoptive parents, as well. Peter turns 20 this year!  Long-time Atlanta business man and Georgia native, it’s a blessing to have Garnie on the board.  Thirty years ago he met and married his beautiful wife Rene, an accomplished business woman in her own right.  Rene is the founder of “Gift for a Child”, a non-profit helping children who age out of the foster-care system.  We can’t wait to see how the LORD continues to use Garnie and Rene help even more couples know the exciting life parenthood and adoption brings us all.



Angelica was born and raised in San Diego, California. As a young kid, she enjoyed all the beauty of the ocean and southern Cal where they could do things like cross into Mexico every now and then and drive south along the Pan-Am Highway for fresh lobsters, which they did!  Showing wisdom beyond her years, she came to Georgia, graduating from Emory University where she studied Public Health and Communications.  Soon after, she married her college sweetheart, Il, and started a family.  Eighteen years into their wonderful journey together, they are known here at Northview as being generous and devoted servants of God and others. Angelica started out her career as a grant writer and has moved into professional photography.  Il is an Atlanta area attorney.  They have three beautiful children: 13 year old Maya, Seth, who at age 11 already reminds you of his dad, and the child who keeps you laughing – sweet and funny Lilly, age 6.  Full of personality, these three are always ready with a hug and a smile, and maybe even a song!



If you’ve been in Atlanta very long, you know there aren’t many natives here. Tim Burton is one of the few!  He’s a career construction guy with a degree in Architectural Engineering.  Away from work, he’s often spotted in the woods hiking and camping.  Tim has been a believer of Jesus for a long time.  He and Ann have been married for 31 years and they have two amazing daughters.  Jessica is 25 and was adopted into their family as a tiny baby.  Brianna, age 17, came along nine years later by way of China.  Tim currently serves in an advisory capacity on our Northview Adoption Fund Board.  Reach out to him anytime!



Greg is an amazing guy with an amazing story.  He started off coaching high school football because he loved the kids and he loved the game.  Greg’s also a dynamic business guy, so he switched over to IT, where he’s made a great career.  As a youngster, he was adopted by some really, really amazing people. As a result of God’s kindness, Greg has had the chance to thrive, which he has done. He and Heather married over a decade ago, and their 10 yr-old son, Jack rounds out their tribe.  Greg has an amazing perspective on adoption and faith, and is happy to help others new to the party.  Get in touch with him anytime. You’ll be very glad you did.



Ron is husband to Carolyn, father to Dusty, Charissa and Tracey, and Papa to Spencer and Davis Bright. Hailing from Beaumont, Texas, he has made his home in Atlanta for many years and spent all of those years loving God and helping His church grow. For the past twenty years he and Carolyn have been helping make Tracey’s dream of “adopting as many children as possible” become a reality. If you or someone you know needs help adopting a child, please let Ron know.



If you have a story to tell, contact Carolyn 770-846-0795